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Have you ever been to a gym and thought... "I'm just not getting the results I want” or “I feel like just another number” or “I don’t know what to eat, so I don’t know how to lose weight”? We've heard it all before and that’s why we started the PLANT PHYSIQUE; for real people who want real results. We surveyed all the people coming in, and they just wanted results, but not just any type of results, they wanted guaranteed results. Nod your head if this is what you want from your gym? You just wanted to flatten your stomach, tone your arms, lift your booty and drop that 5 kilos of ugly fat and you wanted it fast for that upcoming event. This is why we created the DROP A DRESS SIZE IN 21 DAYS PROGRAM aka our Transformation Challenge.


Want to drop 5 kilos of fat

and have a Personal Trainer hold your hand and kick your butt if you don't turn up.

Want a specific meal plan

customized to your goals and requirements.

Want to be in a community

of supportive people striving for the same goal, and learn the mindset strategies to stay on track.

Want to be guaranteed results

for once in your life or get your money back.

And best of all... You could WIN $150 cold hard cash!




  • You get 9 sessions with a Personal Trainer
    over 21 days of the program.
  • Fast paced fat burning strength circuits
    designed to tone your body.
  • Specific exercises to lift your booty
    and get you the stomach you dream of.
  • Morning & evening sessions from 6am to 8pm
    every half-hour so you can train anytime - no excuses.


  • Our 2 pronged fat melting nutrition plan
    for maximum fat loss and toning.
  • Prong 1, food types blast unwanted fat
    and stabilizes your metabolism and we say goodbye to the first 1-2 kilos.
  • Prong 2, food quantity to boost your energy
    levels and metabolism and you get to kick those last 2kgs to the curb.
  • Our nutrition even allows some chocolate
    and icecream; this isn't 21 days of misery and restriction.

What Some of Your Training will Look Like

Best of all... You could win $150 like these guys

If you've read this far then you are contemplating signing up, but maybe you have reservations about starting?

Who is it for?

  • Any female who wants to drop 5 kilos
    and increase their energy levels.
  • Any mum, career woman or self-employed
    girl who wants to tone up and feel more confident.


9 sessions with a Personal Trainer

over 21 days of the program.


plan for getting toned and firm fast.

Private Facebook group access

for support outside of your sessions.

Goal setting and measurements

taken to ensure consistent progress.

Why are you offering a money back guarantee?

We believe in business you are only as good as your product, and our product is to change your body and your life, if we fail to do that, I don’t believe we deserve to be paid. Different I know, but this is PLANT PHYSIQUE values and as a family, we don’t like to let you down.

Is it really all of this for only $97?

​You bet.

For less than a coffee a day you can get all this plus guaranteed results in 21 days!

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Jesse Vanthul

"The PT sessions with Chloe and Julia have been absolutely amazing, I wish I could do this for the rest of my life. I feel so much better, I have lost a few inches in my tummy and chest, as well as 5kg in the first few weeks. This program has shown me that I can make changes in my life, and how much control I actually have over eating, my body, and exercise. I highly recommend PLANT PHYSIQUE!"

Becca Barclay

"By day 10 I had lost 15 inches overall and Chloe, my awesome PT, has stuck with me every step of the way and kept me going. The work outs go super fast and I always walk out with a smile on my face! No treadmill or awful gym equipment in sight! Eating a Whole-food Plant-based diet has been enlightening and interesting and I feel so much better for it. I feel healthier, happier and getting way better sleep. All thanks to you guys!"

Raewyn Windley

"I'd really let myself go with kids, study, work and a busy life I really wasn't looking after myself. I needed something to help and the 21 day challenge was just the thing. I got so much support and information that helped get me back on track. The meals exposed me to a whole new way of eating it gave me so much more energy, and the PT's were so much fun. Totally recommend! Give it a go you've got nothing to lose!"


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Where Are You Located?

PLANT PHYSIQUE is located at 14 Acheron Drive, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, NZ


We are so confident in our Drop A Dress Size In 21 Days Program, that if you don't drop at least a dress size, we will refund your $97*. What have you got to lose?

*Subject to Terms and Conditions

Michaela Ferguson

"Would totally recommend this challenge to anyone. To me it was more than just getting results; it was a lifestyle change. PLANT PHYSIQUE has given me a new outlook on nutrition and exercise and I feel great! More energy and a positive attitude towards healthy eating and exercise. My personal trainer Chloe was fantastic! So positive, encouraging and supportive. This program has definitely given me the kick start I needed to a healthier life!"

Emma Clarke

"Have had the most amazing time doing the 21 day challenge! The whole food plant based diet is something I wish I tried earlier as the results are instant! I had Chloe as my trainer and she always had varied workouts - I was amazed how much you can get through in just 30 mins! Definitely recommend Plant Physique and can't wait to start my next challenge with them!"

Heather Moore

"Failing with different diets coupled with an old injury meant I had hit morbidly obese and I couldn't see how this was going to change. A friend talked me into doing the challenge and I'm astounded how well the program works. No sugar cravings which had been my nemesis. Going from virtually no exercise to 3 sessions a week was really hard work but the results have been so worth it! Thanks to Julia, Nick & my trainer Chloe."