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What We're About


Our key product delivers effective training that produces the most efficient results. Why spend hours in a gym when you can get the same results in less than 60 minutes. Strength training is our foundation, done with correct form so you maximize your metabolism and results.


You can't out-exercise your mouth. Completing a great training session doesn't mean you can chug down an ice cream and expect to lose weight. Training programs that miss the eating side will fail, that's why at PLANT PHYSIQUE we provide you with a flexible meal plan, then show you how to fit that ice cream in your diet.

Meet The Team

The fitness industry is full of useless exercise equipment, exotic magic potions and lose weight quick schemes that take your dollars but don't deliver. That's why at PLANT PHYSIQUE, you'll spend time with the most authentic coaches that actually care about your results.

Personal Training SUCCESS STORIES

"I'm just at the end of doing their 1st intake of the Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days Program at their Christchurch studio. When I read stuff like this on Facebook my first thoughts are always must be a scam. However I like to go as far as I can without putting down any money or actual commitments etc. Plant physique want nothing down until you start the program, which is fantastic because it never screamed too good to be true. Nick and Julia are genuinely really awesome people. I've had Nick as a PT and he will push you, but in the best way! There is great support out of the gym. I had measurements taken at Day 1 and Day 14 and I was already a dress size down! Only 2 weeks into 3! My feedback is to definitely give it a go if you can commit to 3 x 30min training sessions a week! My before/after is from completing their 12 week challenge!”

Odette Rose 

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